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Academic Success Formula

Helping Students Develop Knowledge & Discipline

The solution? Our academic success formula!

Our unique formula of in-home tutoring and homework help is designed to help students become successful in and out of the classroom. We define success as the capability for students to confidently sustain their performance at higher and higher levels. As this confidence develops, students become self-motivated to obtain the next level of understanding and learning accelerates!

Our Formula for Success

Tutor Doctor has narrowed down the keys to academic success to two major components. When students get these components, we have seen them succeed time and time again.

Our academic success formula includes:

These two areas are crucial to a child, teenager, and adult’s education. While knowledge is often gained in the classroom and can be something that is developed with further teaching, discipline is an area that is often neglected by our modern education system.

Large classroom settings make it difficult for teachers to really provide one-to-one attention and identify when students struggle with these executive skills. This is why Tutor Doctor provides private tutoring to help your child develop in these areas to ensure they conquer educational feats with confidence.


Putting X-Skills into Action

Along with our formula, we implement an academic game plan. This lets us help your child develop the disciplines they need for sustained academic performance. We work with teachers or use our resources to set up tasks / practice tests based on each student’s curriculum.

Our game plan maps out exactly what a student needs to accomplish on a calendar, working with them to develop organisational skill and the ability to prioritise tasks. More than that, we provide accountability, helping them follow through on tasks with our tutor coaching them along the way. Our game plan leads to much more rewarding sessions, maximising your investment.

Does your child need a game plan to get them back on top of their academics?

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