Award-winning In-home Tutoring in Nigeria
Award-Winning Tutoring in Nigeria
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In-Home Tutoring for Special Needs Students

Set Your Child Up for Success with the Right Tools

In a study conducted by the Center of Parent Information and Resources, it was discovered that one-to-one tutoring has a profound effect on students who are at risk of failing due to learning disabilities. At Tutor Doctor, we know students with special needs can succeed given the right tools and personalised attention—which is exactly what our tutoring programme aims to provide.

When you work with us, our tutors come to you—wherever you are, whenever is convenient for you. After matching your child with a handpicked tutor, our goal is to fill in the missing gaps in your child’s knowledge, provide them with the skills necessary to be independent learners, and help boost their confidence by allowing them to grow in a comfortable learning environment.

Tutor Doctor has excellent resource specialists who tutor children with:

Customised Learning Programme for Special Needs Students

Many special needs children get an Individual Education Plan (IEP) at the recommendation of their teacher. Tutor Doctor ensures our programmes are aligned with the IEP. You are your child’s best advocate, and the person who knows what they are capable of, which is why you will always have a say in the support we provide your child. If you aren’t happy with your child’s progress, just let us know; we will work together to create the right educational framework to help your child succeed.

Knowledge + Discipline = Success

Tutor Doctor’s X-Skills allows us to create a unique academic game plan for every student and coach them through the process of achieving academic success.

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When you work with Tutor Doctor, you can trust your child’s education is in good hands. In fact, 95% of our customers have said that they would recommend our services. We have been tutoring students of all ages for more than 15 years, allowing us to help more than 200,000 people thus far. Find out how we can help your child reach their academic goals by giving us a call today!

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